Breaking: Top Friends Vanishes From Facebook Platform (9AM PT Update)

In what appears to be a major event for application developer Slide, Top Friends, the third largest application by daily active users and installs, has disappeared from the Facebook Platform.

As of 12:01am Pacific Time:

  1. Going to the Top Friends app page redirects to the Facebook home page
  2. Searching the application directory for “Top Friends” yields nothing
  3. The Top Friends box is missing from all profile pages

While Platform performance is expected to be intermittent from time to time, this is either a pretty big accident or significant action taken by Facebook. We’ll have more soon.

Update: Facebook has just confirmed that this is an intentional suspension. Facebook says,

We have suspended the Top Friends application while we investigate violations of our Terms of Service. We recognize this is a popular application and don’t take this action lightly.

Apparently, Top Friends was allowing access to non-friends’ personal information in a way that violated the TOS. This is a pretty siginificant disciplinary action by Facebook. As of 9:00am, Top Friends is still not available.

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