BREAKING: Novak Storms Off CNN Set

Carville Causes Novak To Storm Off Set

ABOVE: Novak leaves the set.

Here’s the scoop (waiting on official transcript):

In the second-to-last “Inside Politics” Strategy Session, James Carville and Bob Novak were in the middle of their post-Crossfire debate. While they were talking about Katherine Harris and other topics, Carville said something to set off Novak about Harris and the banter eventually drove Novak bonkers.

Carville: “You’ve gotta show these right-wingers some kind of backbone, you know, the Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching you show them you’re tough.”

Novak exclaimed, “Now, James, that’s bullshit!” Then he turns to Henry: “Just let it go.” He paused angrily for a moment, took off his microphone, and stormed off in a very Novak-like shuffle. Carville’s look over his shoulder in puzzlement as Novak wanders off is classic. Henry, for his part, barely misses a beat, although there’s an audible “um” as Novak crosses behind Carville.

“The chair was swinging,” one viewer notes.” “The ever-talented Ed Henry, totally kept his cool. At the end, he said he had planned to ask Novak about the CIA leak case, but was unable to because Novak left the set.”

Another viewer notes that whomever was operating the camera and running the show in the control room deserves “props”: the camera quickly panned out to show Novak leaving:

> UPDATE: has the video.

> Some questions: Was this show Novak’s way to get out of the Plame questions? Carville’s statements were hardly so over the top they required a storm off. What will execs Jon Klein/David Bohrman say about Novak saying “bullshit” on air? Is this Novak’s last time on CNN?

> Ed Henry says, “I had told him in advance that we would ask him about the CIA leak investigation…Hopefully we’ll be able to ask him about that in the future.” You might remember Henry originally grilled Novak a month ago on the subject of the Plame investigation. Even though the decisions to do so are probably coming from higher-up at CNN, Henry deserves some credit for pushing where others won’t.