BREAKING: Music Publicists Witness Lots of Drug Use

shutterstock_171268937Yes, you read that right. This comes from a not-at-all-shocking story published last Friday in The Telegraph that elaborates on the experiences of an unnamed “press officer” who has been “working in music PR and A&R for 25 years.”

Here are some of the tales he recounts:

The singer for a band arriving in the US for the first time threatened to call it quits after receiving a package of free T-shirts. The band’s manager then “haul[ed] him up against a wall by the throat” until he reconsidered.

It gets more colorful:

A female rocker “sacked her press officer to take up with a new female PR she was having an affair with” and worked with said PR to counter rumors that she was gay.

Another “hair band” supposedly rented an entire floor of a New York hotel and forbid the establishment’s own security team from entering the premises. Why?

“…the band’s security ushered us into a room where there was table upon table covered in bowls stuffed to the brim with cocaine. People were rolling around the floor off their heads.”

The writer also claims that “there was a time” when music journalists drank and drugged even more than the acts they covered. Totally unbelievable, of course.

Here’s a more likely story: a music blogger refused to speak to a band on their own schedule and sent an email demanding:

“…free concert tickets, T-shirts and signed CDs” as well as “the cost of the phone call he would have to make” for the interview

Another story also concerns the decline of journalism: an editor of an old-school pub wanted a band to appear on its cover. The singer of said band demanded that the editor get on his knees and beg before replying, “F*** off, pal!”

Finally, the anonymous party claims that “at least one PR company” would put drugs into the sleeves of records it mailed to journalists for review for the purpose of ensuring positive write-ups. That’s one way to do it, we suppose.

To those who work with such talent: you can beat this guy, right? Send us your stories. (Comments can be completely anonymous, as can the anonymous tip box.)