BREAKING: Fox News Is ‘Not Real News’

Fair and balanced? Oh no, he tripped.

This may be a surprise to the many acolytes of the channel currently ranked number one in the land (it’s not even close), but if you ask city officials of San Francisco, Fox News doesn’t count as “news.”

According to Raw Story, Bill O’Reilly has been on the warpath lately about the tragic death of Kate Steinle, who was shot on a San Francisco pier by a felon alleged to be in this country illegally:

Bill O’Reilly sent one of his employees to ambush different members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, accusing them of enabling the murder of Kate Steinle by declaring the city a “sanctuary city” where undocumented workers can access health care, police and fire assistance and other public services without fear of deportation or other forms of government reprisal.

While the talking points in San Francisco are about gun control and not immigration (according to City Supervisor and human rights attorney Jane Kim), O’Reilly’s staffer confronted Kim and two other city council representatives and it went about as well as expected.

Katy Tang dressed down said person holding a microphone for “ambushing her and accusing her of complicity in a murder.”

“Of course Fox News would be this rude,” she said, turning to walk away. When he chased her and continued to pepper her with questions about her role in the death of Kate Steinle’s death, she said, “You’re interviewing the wrong fucking person.”

The kicker went to Scott Wiener, who didn’t even bother to stop walking to his office while making America aware of his feelings:

“Fox News is not real news, and you’re not a real reporter. I talk to real news only.”

Your move, Bill.