BREAKING: Facebook Forum Hacked!

Allfacebook received an email today from Boris Silver, the developer behind the Total Sports Fan application, regarding a hacked forum. Although Total Sports Fan is a third party app, the forum functionality is actually part of Facebook, indicating a breach within Facebook itself. The hacked forum contained the same repeated, incoherent message as posted by various users:

“Congratulations Mickey you found out that nobody likes us… but US. You’re such a smart person. By the way, all we need is us… we don’t need fan support from other people. Can you give me one reason that Buckeye Nation needs other people than ourselves?? Who the fuck else is there… besides us??? Exactly.

I-O…………… bitches.

P.S. check the rankings again for me, see if we’re still the team listed next to ”

This isn’t the first time Facebook security has been questioned. As we reported back in August, a “security breach” exposed Facebook’s source code to a number of users. Some have even speculated that this leak may have been an inside job. As of 6pm EST, this hack has not yet been resolved. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.