Breaking Bad (Or Breaking Good) – How Did Twitter Judge Walter White? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sunday saw the final episode of what is arguably the greatest-ever television series of all time*, Breaking Bad.

In case you haven’t seen the finale, I won’t spoil it for you. But if you’re interested in seeing how Twitter judged Walter White in his last appearance, join us after the break.

Still here? Great. According to this study from MediaMiser, 77 percent of Breaking Bad Twitter fans referred to the show’s lead character as Walter White instead of his alter-ego, Heisenberg (which perhaps suggests sympathy), and a slight majority of tweets (56 percent) were positive about Walt’s actions in the episode.

* Me? I thought it was very likely the greatest final episode in what is certainly one of the best television shows we’ve ever seen.

(Source: MediaMiser. Image credit: timsnell via Flick.)