BREAKING: Atlantic Selects New Editor

bennet1.jpgIt looks like books aren’t the only problem the Times has to deal with in losing its reporters.

From the New York Times: “After a lengthy search, The Atlantic Monthly today named a new editor–James Bennet, a reporter for The New York Times, who will be following a long line of storied editors from James Russell Lowell and William Dean Howells to Michael Kelly.

“Mr. Bennet, 39, who has covered political campaigns and served as Jerusalem bureau chief for The Times, was offered the job by David G. Bradley, the magazine’s owner, on Tuesday and accepted it and resigned from The Times today. He said he expected to start at his new job in about two weeks.”

The most interesting line of the announcement article is the last one: Bennet was slated to be the paper’s new Beijing correspondent and has been in language training for that since November. The Atlantic has recently become quite fascinated with the rise of China and has been ready to deploy top writer James Fallows to China for a two-year stint.

Is the formerly Boston-based Atlantic set to become the now Washington-based Pacific?