Break Media Expands Into Videogames

The guy-oriented digital content company Break Media is branching into videogames.

The company has launched its own videogame studio in Shanghai, China. On Feb 1 the new 12-person studio will introduce its first original game, MMA FightPicker, which is tied to the company’s mixed martial arts–themed site The game will be free to users, but will feature some virtual goods for sale.

The plan is to release four to six original Web-based games in 2010, according to Break CEO Keith Richman. Eventually the games will incorporate sponsors.

Break is best known for, which houses all sorts of humorous, sophomoric videos that appeal to young males, as well as other male-appealing properties like the Nascar themed All Left Turns and the pretty girl reference site Chickipedia.

Thus, videogames are right in Break’s demographic wheelhouse. “This is really a natural evolution of the company,” said Richman.

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