Brands: Does Your Online Newsroom Have These Features?

Members of the media spend a lot of time trying to get information from companies. And, despite all of the talk about social media and digital communications, many online newsrooms set up by corporations lack basic features journalists want: easy to find contact info, top notch search capabilities and a simple, clean content layout.

Today we’re going to highlight a company that did it right: Hilton Hotels. The company pitched us on their new online newsroom this week, which boasts the following features:

Easy to find contact info, including phone number (simple, but crucial.)

Google Translate capabilities, allowing media to translate content into more than 50 global languages.

Ability to access site content and submit media requests from mobile devices.

Ability to use a global search map to read news by region or browse by news topic or property type. A comprehensive search engine allows visitors to search by typing the name of a hotel, location or topic.

News sorted by topic and region.

More than 2,500 high-resolution images for download with no log-in needed.

Video content and links to Hilton’s social media channels.

None of these features are necessarily groundbreaking from a technology perspective, but you’d be surprised at how many brands have yet to enable them on their websites.

The “Story Starters” feature, which proposes pre-packaged story ideas about the company, may be a bit much for most journalists, but we can’t blame Hilton for trying.

“We’ve tried to anticipate every conceivable need a representative from the media might have,” said Andrew Flack, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing, Hilton Hotels.

On a lighter note, John Forrest Ales, Director of Global Brand Public Relations has the following message on his voice-mail, “Unfortunately you’re checking into my voice-mail instead of one of the amazing Hilton Hotels around the world.”

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