Which Brand Won the Social Super Bowl? [Infographic]

Ninety percent of all social buzz around the Super Bowl ads came from mobile devices.

With a total of 12 million social media mentions in one day, many brands seized the opportunity to go viral or at least create some social buzz around the Super Bowl. Several were successful, others less so. Social media management company, Engagor, used its monitoring and analytics tools to determine the Super Bowl’s highest scoring brands.

Pepsi, Coca Cola, Bud Light and Butterfinger were the top five most discussed brands. GoDaddy, Wonderful Pistachios and Sonos engaged most with their audience during the game. Jaguar and Verizon also put a lot of effort into actually talking or replying to their community.

As one of the official sponsors, Pepsi made their primetime #halftime #gethyped show a true success. Other top hashtags were #bestbuds and #salute for Budweiser, #beckhamforhm for H&M and #cuptherapy for Butterfinger.

Super Bowl spectators clearly liked Beckham in H&M’s commercial, which came in first for top (brand) tweets. J.C.Penney’s attempt to score a top tweet was less successful. Their incoherent tweets were definitely picked up on, but the joke (tweeting with mittens) didn’t become as viral as they’d probably hoped. The response other brands gave were at least as funny as the original J.C.Penney post.

super bowl infographic


*featured image credit: siliconangle.com