Boyfriend Maker yanked from Apple’s App Store

36You’s social mobile game Boyfriend Maker has disappeared from Apple’s App Store.

Boyfriend Maker is a dating sim consisting of two different types of gameplay: shopping and chatting. During the shopping portion of gameplay, players purchase goods so they can create the “perfect boyfriend” and dress him up in a custom outfit. Different types of clothing unlock different personality types in said boyfriend; an example of this is how scruffy hipster clothes will unlock the “humorous” personality while business suits unlock the “handsome” archetype.

Meanwhile, the chat portion of gameplay is what earned the game a fair amount of infamy over the past week. In this mode, players “talk” to the in-game boyfriend, with conversations lasting for as long as a player has energy. This works because the boyfriend is actually a third-party API chat bot, which lead to sentences that were benign, nonsensical, or stunningly offensive and sexual. You can actually find a highlight reel of some of the more memorable in-game chats on Tumblr. Responses occasionally lead players to third-party websites (mostly on Tumblr) that actually exist, Twitter accounts for unrelated random people, or Kik messenger accounts for the chatbots used in the game.

36You actually put a disclaimer on the App Store page that said “all statements of information contained in the responses, replies and/or answers in Boyfriend Maker are generated and powered by a 3rd party engine (API) and are the sole responsibility of such 3rd party engine (API) and not of 36You.”

It seems this warning wasn’t enough to satisfy Apple, though, because the game is no longer available. 36You’s website doesn’t address the game’s disappearance, and Apple hasn’t released a statement. Before the game was removed from iTunes, it was at the No. 162 spot on the iTunes Top Free Games list.

We published a review to the game about an hour ago, but took the article offline when we discovered it was no longer available for download.