Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Makes Lockscreen App to Win Girl Back

Jonathan Dharmaraj broke up with his girlfriend in 2012 when they moved away for school, and he’s hoping his Android app can win his lady back. The app is a tool for Android users who wants access to certain apps without having to unlock their phone. Jonathan’s girlfriend loves her smartphone and he created this simple lockscreen widget to help her use her apps more efficiently.

Jonathan named the app after his girlfriend’s petname – Shipoopi, a song from the musical Music Man that was featured on Family Guy. The song’s chorus is a bout a girl who is hard to get.

Jonathan’s not a developer and does not work for a start-up, but he might want to consider marketing and PR. In the season of Valentine day inspired apps, this one struck a soft note of sympathy so if Shipoopi is reading this, we hope she and Jonathan resolves their distance and find true love.