Boston Market Is Bizarrely Back on America’s Menu of Discussion [Updated]

Responds to negative buzz around Kellen Winslow with fun tweet

Boston Market burst onto the strip-mall scene in the 1990s (it was then called Boston Chicken) as a dining option for folks who wanted fast-food made as if Mom had prepared it. Today, it's in the news because of a whole different kind of strip.

New York Jets tight end Kellen Winslow was ticketed for possession of synthetic marijuana on Nov. 19 after a woman reported him to police for allegedly masturbating in his parked car. When the authorities approached him, Winslow, per the police reports, told them he was looking for a Boston Market. The full story broke this morning, and "Boston Market" has been the top trending topic for much of the day so far, with "Kellen Winslow" right below the brand.

UPDATE: Boston Market, which has 12,600 Twitter followers, didn't initially address the development via the micro-blogging platform (scroll a bit to see an early tweet below) or its Facebook page. But late on Friday, the brand took a fun jab at Winslow.

Of course, Twitter followers are having a snarky ball with the situation. And hey, at least people are talking about the brand again, right?

Before the Winslow news, it would be a stretch to say Boston Market has been top-of-mind in recent times, and it's had its share of troubles. The brand went bankrupt in 1998, changed owners from McDonald's to Sun Capital Partners (current parent), and has seemingly stabilized since. Stores can be found in 28 states with its biggest presence in the Northeast.