Boost Facebook App Gets a Boost of Its Own

The Boost Facebook application comes by way of a Firefox extension, in order to enhance your overall Facebook experience. Through custom skins, photo album enhancements and things like one-click poking, Boost is all about making your time spent on Facebook a little bit more fun.
The browser add-on has seen significant growth in the past week, shooting from about 2,400 monthly active users to nearly 6,000. The spike is quite noticeable as the Boost application has been around for well over a year, and had appeared to have plateaued recently, with a steady amount of monthly active users right around the 2,500 mark.

So what changed? Nothing in particular to specifically point to, but constant changes on Facebook’s end have enabled Boost to gain traction in the past. This could very well be a contributing factor to Boost’s more recent growth. As Boost allows users to effectively change and customize the way in which they view Facebook profiles and content, along with the way in which they interact with Facebook media and friends, the Boost add-on provides an independent conduit for experiencing Facebook outside of many of the changes Facebook rolls out.
The more recent changes made to Facebook’s news feeds make media-sharing more prominent on Facebook, and this could go hand in hand with many of Boost’s own sharing options.
We’re also seeing a lot of third party services providing remote access to Facebook content and features, as Facebook continues to open up and provide more cooperative facets of its platform to developers. Tisme, for example, is a browser add-on that uses Facebook Connect for easy media sharing with your social graph without requiring you to go to the Facebook site itself.
While such remote access to Facebook features isn’t new, there’s increased activity surrounding this option as Facebook Connect becomes more established as a channeled conduit into Facebook news feeds. These are all factors for which Boost’s own application could be taking advantage.