BookSprouts is an Online Community for Book Clubs

Before social networks and book niche social networks, book lovers only way of socializing, interacting and connecting with other bookworms are through book clubs. With the growing popularity of online communities, it is but the right time to create an online community for these book clubs, and so we welcome BookSprouts.

BookSprouts is an online community for book clubs. It goes by the tag line “making book clubs and reading groups easy, and online.” BookSprouts aims to make Book Clubs a fun and easy experience online for everyone.

Among its many features include, Book Choices which is an online discussion spaces for eack book, and member lists and club meetings management tool. To achieve this goal, Book Sprouts lets you “create a club” for your existing Book Club. All you need to do is register as a user to the site and then once registered click on the “Create a Club” and then just follow the instructions from then on.

One key feature of BookSprouts is Book Choice. Book Club Leaders can start off a Book Choice but club members can choose the Book they want to start a discussion on using an easy voting process. Members are free to nominate a particular book they highlighted. Once all the nominated books are gathered club members can then vote for their Choice Book. Once a Book has been declared the Choice Book, club members can then discuss anything and everything about the winning book.

BookSprout is not a social networking site per se. But rather an online community where book lovers can create a profile for their respective Book Clubs. Creating an online profile for their Book Clubs serve as a sort of information campaign awareness tool for the Book Clubs.

BookSprout is currently in beta stage. If you are trying it out, give the BookSprout people some loving by providing feedback on their service.