Booked For The Ballgame

The new National Journal reports on a new problem facing the TV bookers in and around Washington with the arrival of the Nationals: Talking heads evidently like baseball (if you doubt otherwise, try this Google search.

“On a recent Thursday afternoon, with perfect baseball weather blowing over the Potomac, a booker for one show struck out trying to find a Congress-watcher to appear that evening. The first, second, and third experts that the booker called were either already at the old ball game or headed to RFK. Same with No. 4! Considering the first pitch was thrown out at 4:35 p.m., you have to wonder: Did the bosses of these Beltway insiders know they were passing up free airtime for the national pastime? No, scratch that. Since this is Washington, their bosses were probably at the game, too,” the Inside Washington column writes.