Sales Down in Canada, eBooks Not a Factor

Booknet Canada out out a press release last Friday with the latest results of its market survey for the last quarter of 2010. The group of 665 retail stores used as a survey group reported sales being down about 5.6% in volume, and down 6.2% in revenue. Adult Fiction and Juvenile books were both down even worse than the market average, with Non-fiction reporting a 1% increase.

Curiously enough, PW reported that ebooks had the greatest effect on the decline. Guess what? eBooks aren’t being tracked yet, so no one really knows what effect they had.The Booknet CEO might have a gut feeling that eBooks had a major effect, but he doesn’t know for sure.

My source reported that sales were down because 2010 lacked the blockbuster hits of 2009; Stephenie Meyer and Stieg Larsson had a huge impact on sales in 2009, and they just weren’t matched in 2010.

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