Bono To Invest In Rodale?

rodale_072507.jpgAt least someone still has faith in print media. Rodale, publishers of Men’s Health, Prevention and Runner’s World, is planning to expand their print empire … and calling J.P. Morgan in to do it. The family owned firm is searching for “strategic partners” who can give Rodale the infusion of cash needed to expand. One potential source is Bono‘s Elevation Partners investment firm, which purchased a 40% stake in Forbes Inc. in 2006. Rodale had an 18.3% increase in ad pages over the first half of 2007, owns the lucrative book rights to the South Beach Diet series and Al Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth and, of course, has Dave Zinczenko. Current revenue for the company is reported at approx. $600 million annually.

Now the question is how long they will remain family-owned.