Boho Magazine Launch: Peace, Love, and Vodka

Boho editor-in-chief Gina La Morte (right) with Faith Blakeney, co-founder of Compai, a green fashion design studio

Eco-fashion mag Boho celebrated its launch in style last night at green boutique Kaight on the Lower East Side. Editor-in-chief Gina La Morte, flanked by fashion director Margo Helliwell and beauty director Mary Schook, was glowing in a green belted dress as she gushed about the mag’s early success. “It’s tremendous,” she said, as her PR rep Linda Mann added, “There’s been great buzz among the green blogs — it’s bananas.”

A testament to either the popularity of the mag or of La Morte, the party was so hot and crowded, guests were spilling out the door and fanning themselves with copies of Boho as they lined up to try “healthy” organic vodka cocktails and vegan cookies. (One giggling guest asked a gorgeous server if he was from Heaven — we hope she was referring to the bakery.)

The green women’s magazine is the anti-glossy — it’s printed on 100 percent recycled paper with soy ink. “The look of it is great,” said Julie Rath, one of Schook’s beauty clients. “It feels like a book — it’s more stable than a magazine.”

But isn’t it what’s on the inside that counts?

“[Boho]’s a great resource,” said Kaight owner Kate McGregor, who stocks her shop with recycled, restyled, and organic products. “A lot of the bigger, mainstream magazines are touching on it, but it’s refreshing to see a magazine devoted to eco-fashion — and done in a tasteful way.” Ella Vickers, president of her own recycled sailcloth collection, said, “If you get that kind of content, I’ll keep reading it.”

Still, we wonder if a niche mag like this can survive the turbulent tides of the publishing world. Said Leah Kanter of virtual designer showroom, “I hope there’s enough material to keep it going.”

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Boho editor-in-chief Gina La Morte, fashion director Margo Helliwell, and beauty director Mary Schook

Kaight owner Kate McGregor browses her eco-friendly fashions