Bobby Jindal Becomes Latest #PRFail Twitter Chat Target

Didn't anyone send him the memo?

When will public figures learn that while at the zoo, you absolutely do not feed the animals? It never turns out well, and it usually leaves you vulnerable to additional nibbles in later days.

The latest patron in the Twitter zoo to feed the trolls was Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and GOP fame.

Knowing that he isn’t faring too well in the polls, what with his “clandestine, voyeuristic” approach to announcing his candidacy for president, someone who was probably fired recently in his PR department thought a open channel TwitChat would be the thing to do.

How sweet. A fireside chat with a governor on a social network known for anonymity, snark and outright rage. You might #AskBobby “what could go wrong?”

The obvious answer: Quite a bit.

And then, the summation for this class experiment:

As we asked E.L. James yesterday: shouldn’t we all just give up on live Twitter Q&As?

PHOTO CREDIT: AP/Carolyn Kaster