Board Game Adaptation Ticket to Ride Pocket Rolls Onto The App Store Chart

Released earlier this year, Ticket to Ride was a runaway success in its iPad debut. Based on the multi-million selling board game of the same name, the Days of Wonder created title has finally come to iPhone and iPod touch in the form of Ticket to Ride Pocket. From the look of its performance so far on the App Store chart, it arrived to an eager audience.

Ticket to Ride is a game involving trains. Specifically, it’s about completing railroad routes across America by placing trains on them, one car at a time. The gameplay is very simple to learn, but also extremely nuanced. Its developer has created a brand new tutorial video showing purchasers how to play, which can be accessed from inside the app.

At the start of the game, players choose cards that have specific routes on them, indicated with a start and end city. Should they be able to complete these routes by the end of the game, they’ll earn extra points. They’re otherwise free to complete whichever routes they choose, provided they have the appropriate color and number of train cars to do it. Different lengths of routes will reward players with more points at the end of the game. Strategy becomes involved when players attempt to block their opponents by claiming pieces of routes before they can.

Train cars are distributed as cards. Players can claim two cards per turn, or one locomotive, which is a wildcard that can take the place of any color. The game ends when all of the cards have been used. 20 achievements are up for grabs in the single-player game.

Ticket to Ride Pocket supports up to five players in one game over local Wi-fi and Bluetooth networks. The same number of people can also play the game against one another using one device, using the pass and play feature. Although the iPad version of Ticket to Ride has true online play, this release does not. Days of Wonder says it was intentionally omitted because the developer felt that it could not deliver the best experience possible on the device. This version also lacks the expansion boards of other continents available for the iPad version, due to the developer’s belief that the extra visual detail they contain would be lost on the smaller devices. As such, it does not feature in-app purchases like its iPad counterpart does.

Days of Wonder, founded in 2002, is a privately-held company specializing in traditional board games. Between its operations in the U.S. and France, it has published more than a dozen table-top games, which have sold more than two million units worldwide. Ticket to Ride is its most widely adapted title in the interactive space, having appeared on iOS, home computers, and Xbox Live Arcade.

Ticket to Ride Pocket sells for $0.99. Since its launch yesterday, it has reached No. 16 on the App Store’s top selling paid games chart.

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