BlueAnt Q1 Headset Android Support

I’ll confess that when it comes to technology accessories, particularly bags and Bluetooth headsets, I tend to be very fickle. Within view of my desk right now I see about six different bags of various sizes for gadgets and computers, and there is a closet that is about a quarter full of bags. I don’t own as many Bluetooth headsets, but I do find myself frequently buying new ones in an apparent quest to find the perfect one. When I learned that BlueAnt released an Android application to work specifically with their Q1 headset, I should have known my credit card would be put to use.

The BlueAnt Q1 was released early 2009, and its main features are voice commands and upgradeable firmware. The voice commands replace the frustrating sequence of button clicks common to many Bluetooth headsets. For example, to redial the last number you called you press a button and say “Redial”. The Q1 can store as many as eight phone numbers as speed dials, which I presume works on any phone it connects to as the Q1 can be paired with eight phones. For the folks like me who carry multiple phones, the Q1 can be connected to two phones at the same time.

The firmware update capability enables BlueAnt to make improvements to the headset and add functionality. A recent update adds A2DP functionality to the Q1. A2DP sends all of the phone’s audio to the headset, so you can hear GPS commands and podcasts in the headset. Another update improves the overall audio quality.

As you can tell, BlueAnt is adding features to the Q1 that take it beyond a normal Bluetooth headset, and frankly, help justify its $65 to $100 price. One of these features is an Android application that will be available soon that reads text messages to you in the headset using the text to voice feature of Android. BlueAnt has a video on their web site that shows the functionality that the free app provides, and BlueAnt says the app should be available soon. After I receive the headset that I ordered earlier today, I can let you know how well it works.