Blu-ray Heading To Mobiles

Some cool stuff is happening on the Blu-ray front that takes the now de facto high-def DVD standard beyond PCs and set-top players.

CD_JIU.jpgFirst, BetaNews reports that Sony’s next Blu-ray recorder, due on the market in Japan at the end of April, will support transfer to PSPs, the NTT DoCoMo FOMA 905i mobile phone and some of the newer Walkman models. Consumers will have to pay for the privilege, though, as the device will cost roughly $1,650. No word on when or if the recorder will make it to Europe or the States.

Second, a company called NetBlender is expected to announce some new technology tomorrow that will let consumers use their iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control for networkable Blu-ray players. Also, and this is the really nifty part, IntoMobile reports that the NetBlender software makes it possible to transfer Blu-ray content to an iPhone, although it would likely go through some reformatting first.

(Image credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited)