Bloodied in an attack of the clones, TiVo uses the PTC as its newest shield

So, with all the burgeoning violence and gore (see post below), TiVo today announced it will now allow morph from ad-zapper to filth-cleanser. Starting this summer, it will help parents choose programs that are pre-screened as “appropriate for children.”

We find this kind of scary, because rather than making neutral observations about content (i.e. violent imagery, sexual innuendo and strong language) and letting your TV filter accordingly TiVo is now basically having parents designate ratings issued by one of two groups – Common Sense Media or the Parents Television Council.

As the New York Times points out,

“Common Sense Media was formed in 2003 with backers including Charles R. Schwab, the brokerage company executive, and Philip F. Anschutz, the billionaire investor; the Parents Television Council, formed in 1995, is headed by L. Brent Bozell III, a conservative commentator.

What to do? We think that if you have to choose between babysitting your kids with billionaire social conservatives or with political conservatives, go with the really rich guys: Your kids will turn out to be nutjobs either way, but at least with the Schwab and Anshutz service, they’ll be able to afford the costly psychotherapy.