BlogHer, DeVries Public Relations: Beauty Is in the Eye of the Blog Holder

Women’s-targeted online news and blogging network BlogHer and consumer agency DeVries Public Relations conducted a study of women’s shopping behaviors and the influence of various media upon them, focused on the beauty and lifestyle sector.

Among findings of the Beauty Is in the Eye of the Blog Holder survey:

Blogs are more than two times more likely than magazines to have inspired a beauty-product purchase over the past six months (63 percent versus 26 percent).

Women are just as likely to trust beauty-product advice from a parenting (43 percent), health (42 percent), or lifestyle (37 percent) blog, as from a beauty and fashion blog (43 percent).

Women turn to and trust “familiar” bloggers more than store Web sites, social networks, or message boards when seeking beauty-product recommendations.

Women buy beauty products offline at a rate four times greater than online, and they tend to research online and buy offline.

DeVries president Stephanie Smirnov said:

We’ve long believed at DeVries that trusted blogs have as much influence on purchase decisions as traditional media outlets, both inside the beauty category and out. We just didn’t have data to confirm what we felt intuitively to be true. Our research partnership with BlogHer was forged to validate our hypothesis about blogger influence on beauty-purchase decisions, and it’s been extremely illuminating.

BlogHer co-founder and chief operating officer Elisa Camahort Page added:

BlogHer’s 2010 research on women, their social-media usage, and how it influences purchasing has been eye-opening about just how mainstream social media’s impact has become. Doing a deeper dive into the beauty-product segment, specifically, revealed that even when purchasing ultimately takes place offline, online word-of-mouth maintains its powerful influence.