Blogger Mike Cane Launches iPad Blog

Apple’s iPad is getting tons of press, but how many media outlets are really willing to tell is like they see it? And who’s willing to give their iPad hell and report on whether the device can take it? At least one blogger will: the outspoken Mike Cane, who has just launched The iPad Test, a cousin of his already infamous eBook Test (which by the way, Cane closed down at the end of January in order to focus on this new blog).

Here’s what Cane promises his readers:

It’s my, ahem, talent to usually get new tech to crash within a few minutes of using it. Because I want to use it, not just play with it like a toy.

I was at the Apple Store yesterday using an iPhone and got Safari to crash within minutes of using Google Books. Google Books is something I’d want to use on it.

This is what’s in store for my iPad: the kind of torment most people won’t be applying to it because they’ll be satisfied with it for minor tasks. I intend to put it to hard, hard work.

So prepare to watch an iPad get put through hell.