BlogCatalog Launches Own Blog Search Engine

Social network for bloggers BlogCatalog continues to improve on its site features and services as it just rolled out its own Blog Search Engine. Similar to Technorati and Google Blog Search, BlogCatalog’s search feature is a total aggregation search engine that aims to deliver relevant search results not only from its directory but from member blog posts, discussion areas, blog tags, posts tags as well.

BlogCatalog currently boasts of over 150,000 blogs and multiple social networks. Finding information and scouring through this vast content certainly gets tedious at times. It is but fitting that BlogCatalog comes up with a better way of finding things on its network.

BlogCatalog claims that its new search engine is a robust as any search engine could get. It was based on Social Search, a search engine which was previously developed for BlogCatalog’s Social dashboard. In addition to searching blogs listed on the BlogCatalog directory, the new search engine also scours through bloggers activities across multiple social networks.

A notable feature of BlogCatalog as highlighted by Easton Ellsworth of Blog Herald is the search engine’s facility for subscribing to feed for any search query and thus gets news results delivered as RSS feeds.