Blog Perfume's Feed Analysis Tool Simply Rocks!

blogperfumefeedanalysis.jpgBlog Perfumes’ Feed Analytics is simply awesome. Ok, that may seem a bit of an exaggeration, and you don’t usually read something like that in my otherwise lame posts here. But hey, what can I do, I really find Blog Perfumes’ Feed Analytics simply amazing.

Let me tell you why. By simply entering your Feed’s URI, Blog Perfumes’ Feed Analysis tool gives the number of users subscribing to your Feedburner feeds in a beautiful graphical chart. The Feed analysis tool also gives you the number of hits, views and clicks on a daily basis. The Feed Analysis tool also gives you the data for your feed’s best and worst day of the week, displayed through a pie chart.

And adding even more fun to the feed analysis tool is an estimated value for your blog/site based on the analysis of your feed subscribers. I know this may not sound as a legitimate blog worth but hey, it’s just for fun anyways.

Here is a sample feed data based on Rotorblog’s feed analysis: