Blodget: Yahoo’s Jerry Yang and Sue Decker “Toast”

Yahoo_Entrance.jpgThe Silicon Alley Insider‘s Henry Blodget has analyzed a recent AllThingsD report, and has found the following:

– Yahoo’s board is considering replacing CEO Jerry Yang and company president Sue Decker, who have both lost the confidence of investors and employees. “The nice way to do this (more likely) would be to allow Jerry to retire to non-executive Chairman. The harsh way (less likely) would be for the board to can him. Sue, meanwhile, is too linked to Jerry to survive.”

– The “new mandate for the new CEO, whoever he or she is? Fire people. Specifically, make the harsh decisions Jerry has been unwilling to make because he’s too close to the company and too nice a guy.”

– As for the whole marger thing, Yahoo’s again in talks with Time Warner again about buying all or part of AOL. And they’re still receptive to some kind of deal with Microsoft.