Block Fortress, Mr Crab, Perfectly Clear and more on this week’s top paid apps charts

The hybrid block builder and first-person shooter Block Fortress made a return to the top 25 on the top paid iOS apps charts after an update last week, which slotted the game at the No. 5 spot on the top paid iPhone apps chart and the No. 10 spot on the top paid iPad apps chart. Illusion Labs’ arcade title Mr. Crab, which is currently featured in the Apple App Store as an Editors’ Choice, debuted at the No. 2 position for iPad and the No. 10 position for iPhone. Developer Crustalli’s game Kick the Buddy: No Mercy released last week and it has already moved up the charts, making its way to the No. 11 spot for iPhone and the No. 13 spot for iPad.

Image correction app Perfectly Clear for Android jumped up the top paid Android apps chart to the No. 22 spot after going on sale for $1.49 (50 percent off). Besides Perfectly Clear, the majority of the Android chart stayed the same week-over-week.

This week’s top paid iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.WhatsApp Messenger1=No
2.Minecraft – Pocket Edition2=No
3.Temple Run: Oz3=Yes
4.Sleep Cycle alarm clock4▲3No
5.Block Fortress5=No
7.Arms Cartel Global7▲4Yes
9.Angry Birds Star Wars9▼3Yes
10.Mr. Crab10▼1No
11.Kick the Buddy: No Mercy11▲44No
12.Plague Inc.12▲1Yes
13.Plants vs. Zombies13▼3Yes
14.Wood Camera14▲6No
15.Funny Bunny Adventures15▲24No
17.Bloons TD 517▼1Yes
18.Free Music Download Pro Plus18▲5No
19.What’s the Phrase19▲2No
21.Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 1221▲7Yes
22.Toca Hair Salon 222▼10No
23.NBA JAM by EA SPORTS23▼5Yes
24.Scribblenauts Remix24▼5Yes
25.xDraw Rider Plus25▲21No


This week’s top paid iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Minecraft – Pocket Edition1=No
2.Mr. Crab2=No
3.Temple Run: Oz3=Yes
4.Plants vs. Zombies HD4=Yes
5.Wreck-it Ralph5=No
7.Angry Birds Star Wars HD7▼1Yes
8.Stay Alight HD8▲118No
9.Photon Flash Player for iPad9▲4No
10.Block Fortress10▼1No
12.Toca Hair Salon 212▼4No
13.Kick the Buddy: No Mercy HD13▲33No
14.Bad Piggies HD14▼3Yes
16.Mittens HD16▼1No
18.Scribblenauts Remix18▼4Yes
20.Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers HD20=No
22.Temple Run: Brave22▼6Yes
23.Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 for iPad23▼2Yes
24.Where’s My Water?24▼5Yes
25.xBlue Toad Murder Files: A Touch of Mystery25▲30No


This week’s top paid Android apps

1.SwiftKey Keyboard1=
2.Wreck-it Ralph2=
3.Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root3=
4.Temple Run: Brave4=
5.Minecraft – Pocket Edition5=
6.Where’s My Water?6=
7.Nova Launcher Prime7=
8.Beautiful Widgets8=
9.Root Explorer (File Manager)9=
10.Where’s My Perry?10▲2
11.Poweramp Full Version Unlocker11▼1
12.ROM Manager (Premium)12▲1
13.HD Widgets13▼2
14.ROM Toolbox Pro14=
15.FoxFi Full Version Key15=
16.Tapatalk Forum App16=
17.WeatherBug Elite17=
18.TuneIn Radio Pro18▲1
19.Plants vs. Zombies19▲1
20.Temple Run: Oz20▼2
21.Camera ZOOM FX21=
22.Perfectly Clear for Android22▲13
23.Grand Theft Auto III23=
25.xUnified Remote Full25▲8


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.