Block Block Block review

blockBlock Block Block is an iOS and Android release from Noodlecake Studios Inc. It is available now as a free download from the App Store and Google Play and contains additional in-app purchases.

Block Block Block is a level-based puzzle game that is based around the foundation of match-three puzzle games. The goal is to slide three same-colored blocks together in a straight line. Each level ends when all the blocks have been grouped and cleared or when there are no moves left. This alone wouldn’t be difficult for most fans of the match-three genre. Where Block Block Block starts to stand out is the limited number of moves players are given in each stage. Most of the stages early on only require one or two moves to clear all the blocks, but as time progresses, more difficult levels begin to open up and players will find themselves with new challenges.

The first batch of stages has a relatively simple concept: Drag the three blue blocks together. There’s nothing too difficult about these. Eventually, the game starts adding in immovable and/or unusable blocks. Dealing with these requires a bit more strategy, but it’s still generally simple to work with. The game starts to get a bit harder when puzzles require groupings of four or more blocks, which often require multiple steps to create. Fans of match-three games will still not have much difficulty knowing the process of setting up these lines and seeing various patterns. Where the difficulty starts to come in is when other colors start to pop up.

Matching three blocks of the same color is a simple task, but the game’s difficulty meets a huge spike once puzzles begin displaying multiple colors. Even with the added element, the goal is the same: Clear all blocks in the required number of moves. Blocks can be swapped with each other by swiping from one block to the other. Players will find that it’s an easy way to move two blocks in one turn, and is also required to complete most of the puzzles.

Block Block Block is very light on the special features, but includes a ton of challenging stages. The stages are so challenging that a lot of players will likely struggle with them early on and require a bit of help to make it through. While Block Block Block is free to play, it monetizes by allowing players to purchase hints. There are three hint packages, ranging from five hints for 99 cents up to 100 hints for $8.99. When a hint is used on a stage, players can see each move if they desire, or just the next one in the process. The hint system is nice for players who may feel out of other options, but it does take away from the challenging experience. Block Block Block also charges $1.99 for the removal of ads. Ads aren’t incredibly noticeable, but they pop up once in a while.

Overall, Block Block Block is a fun puzzle experience that has a fast-paced feeling wrapped up in a sense of simplicity. Most players will find that its challenge is on a fair level, but others will be overwhelmed and will either purchase hints or just give up. Puzzle fans won’t want to miss this game however.

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Block Block Block is a fun, quick puzzle game that will challenge players right from the start.