Blitz Brigade Review

Blitz Brigade is an iOS and Android game by Gameloft. It is available now as a free download from the App Store and Google Play, and contains ads and numerous in-app purchases.

Blitz Brigade is a team-based first-person shooter that borrows elements and styles from other popular shooters and brings them to mobile platforms. At the start, the user is dropped into the main menu and can decide between playing the game and playing through the detailed tutorial. While experienced gamers will be quick to grasp how the game works, most will still need a while to adjust to the touch-screen controls. Most first-person shooters are released on PC or consoles, letting players use a controller or mouse. However, Blitz Brigade’s touch controls—along with the added option for tilt-based aiming—forces players to adapt to a system that hasn’t been perfected on mobile devices.

Entering the game’s multiplayer mode provides the player with numerous choices. There are two different game types: Domination and Deathmatch. Domination requires teams to keep control of territories, while Deathmatch is a traditional “kill to win” mode. Both modes are fun, and most players will have a preference. Upon starting a game, players will choose which team they wish to join and which class they want to use. At the start, there are only two classes available, but others can be unlocked from either playing the game or spending in-game currency. This pre-game screen also allows players to customize their equipment and weapons, creating a bit of individuality in the characters. Once in game, certain issues start to expose themselves. One of the most glaring problems with the online multiplayer is the apparent lag. There aren’t many mobile games with full 3D graphics that allow numerous players to compete at the same time. The lack of precedence is apparent in Blitz Brigade, and the gameplay suffers because of it. The troublesome controls combined with unreliable online play leaves much to be desired. Hopefully the network code can be improved with future updates, but for now, it hurts the experience.

Players who are fortunate enough to experience few multiplayer problems will be treated to a huge assortment of unlockable items. There are two forms of in-game currency, coins and diamonds. Players can earn some coins from playing the game, but purchasing diamonds is important for those who want a quick edge. Currency prices range from $1.99 to $99.99, and any purchase will grant VIP status, which gives more experience points and more coins. Coins are generally used to buy new equipment as players level up, and repair equipment as it’s worn. Diamonds allow players to obtain items and character classes ahead of schedule and let them upgrade their equipment. Blitz Brigade doesn’t feel like players need to spend diamonds to remain competitive, but those who do are likely to find themselves at an advantage. Regardless of players spending money, there’s a large amount of items for players to get their hands on, and it should keep many players entertained for the long run.

Blitz Brigade’s target audience is the hardcore gamer, and Gameloft does a fine job attracting that crowd. However, the touch screen controls and network issues are likely to turn off that very crowd. There’s a lot of upside to Blitz Brigade. The game looks nice, it doesn’t make players feel like they need to make purchases, and the mechanics are sound.  Unfortunately, until multiplayer is improved, players will likely pass on this one.

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A potentially good game currently held back by technical issues.