Blagojevich Spokesman: The State Goes On

According to an interview with Lucio Guerrero on the local NBC affiliate, spokesman for IL Governor Rod Blagojevich, the staff is back to work and the Governor is “dealing with a lot of different issues.” Really? “He’s trying to send a message to staff and to the people that the state goes on….that the operation continues.” Using the word “operation” wasn’t ideal vocabulary in this situation. Maybe “scheme,” “dealing,” or “plot” perhaps?

We can’t be 100% certain that Guerrero is the “spokesman” listed in the FBI documents, choosing the ideal language to leak to the Chicago Sun-Times about “candidate #2” IL AG Lisa Madigan, though it looks like it. Two jobs ago prior to becoming the Governor’s Director of Communications, Guerero was a reporter at the Sun-Times.

It could also be Chief of Staff John Harris–sometimes referred to as spokeman–who’s conversations with a Tribune financial adviser are in a federal affidavit, attempting to push through a deal helping Sam Zell sell the Cubs and get a member of the Tribune editorial board fired.

Think of these guys the next time you feel your PR job is nervewracking.

[via HuffPo]