Blackpool FC Obeys the Twitter Command ‘Delete Your Account’

Those "football" fans are so passionate.

English Football–or what we Yanks call soccer–is growing more popular in the States. In fact, NBC Sports just signed a six-year extension to broadcast Premier League matches until 2022.

The mojo is flowing along with the pints, so the last thing the sport needed was a shot of #PRFail. But, thanks to Blackpool FC, that’s what happened.

The Tangerine Seasiders (we’d go by “Blackpool FC” too) created a corporate account specifically to deal with its efforts among vendors and other corporate partners. However, as we know with community management, an organization must ensure the social voice is consistent prior to posting.

Evidently, someone in charge of the @CommercialBFC account didn’t appreciate the trolls and got a skosh randy with the tweets.

While we aren’t fluent in the British taunting arts, we’re certain that moniker didn’t pass the social playbook draft. The club responded to the now former employee’s actions with this bit of PR speak, courtesy of Metro (UK):

“The club has been made aware of comments emanating from a Twitter account overnight that has previously advertised commercial opportunities,” it read. ‘This account has not been utilised for promotional purposes by the club for some time and is not accessible to any current employees. The club does not condone the views expressed and has since had the account removed.”

The Twitter imbroglio has subsided and Blackpool FC continues to tweet on, though we’ve yet to figure out what a “wanker” really is.