RIM Is Giving Away BlackBerries On Twitter Through December And January

This might just be one of the best holiday contests out there: RIM is giving away free BlackBerries, PlayBooks, and a whole ream of accessories on its Twitter account during the months of December and January.

The contest starts today, so read on for more information about how you can win.

Between December 12 and 22, and again from January 16 to 27, you can enter for your chance to win some pretty stellar BlackBerry prizes.

The December contest is called #BerryHoliday and the January contest is #JanuBerry, both hashtags that RIM used in similar contests last year – only this year, the prizes are killer.

Here’s a list of what’s being given away during the December contest, including the quantity and estimated retail value of each prize:

3 BlackBerry PlayBook Devices $499 (USD)
3 Case For PlayBook $70 (USD)
5 Inside BlackBerry T-shirts Signed by Diplo $10 (USD)
3 BlackBerry 7 Torch 9850/60 Devices $599 (USD)
3 Case for Torch 9850/9860 $50 (USD)
10 BBMe T-shirts $10 (USD)
10 BlackBerry Draw String Bag $5(USD)
15 Case of Your Choice Codes $50 (USD)
3 BlackBerry 7 Bold 9900/9930 Devices $699(USD)
3 Case for Bold 9900/9930 $50(USD)
15 BlackBerry Beanies $16(USD)
15 BlackBerry BBMing Gloves $10 (USD)

So, want to get your hands on a brand new BlackBerry Bold or a PlayBook? Here’s how to enter:

Once per day for the duration of each contest, the official BlackBerry Twitter account (@BlackBerry) will tweet an invitation to enter. After this tweet, you may enter by answering the “fun BlackBerry related question”, making sure to direct your tweet to @BlackBerry and include the appropriate hashtag (#BerryHoliday in December and #JanuBerry in January). This contest is open to residents of both the US and Canada.

RIM will choose every 10th (correct) tweet as a winner, and award the prizes to the owner of the account.

Good luck!