BlackBerry PlayBook Users Join Android Users in Being Shut Out from Hulu Streaming Video

I have not used RIM’s new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, have no strong feeling about it, and wish it no ill. However, it really looks like it is getting reputation about have roadblock issues. First, from the start it was designed as a companion to the BlackBerry smartphones instead of a standalone device like other tablets. If you do not have a BlackBerry phone, the PlayBook will not provide calendar and messaging services. Second, AT&T is reportedly blocking the PlayBook from tethering to a BlackBerry phone as it was designed to do. This is presumably because AT&T wants to charge for the tethering service. The latest PlayBook blocking factor is no surprise: Hulu – the streaming video service.

Hulu Wasted Little Time to Block the PlayBook (BerryReview)

Hulu is a (generally) free video streaming service for commercial content to the desktop. However, if you want to watch it on an iPhone or iPad, you need to subscribe to their service (much the same as Netflix). Android users, however, have been shut out of both Netflix and Hulu. In January Hulu said it would soon provide service for Android users. But, that day has not come yet. So, perhaps, people who bought the PlayBook should not feel so bad. They can stand in line waiting for Hulu along with Android users.