Blackberry BBM to Launch on iOS and Android June 27th

A few days ago, rumors circulated after a tweet from T-Mobile UK stated that Blackberry’s “BBM” direct messaging software will be released for iOS and Android on June 27th.

Since then, T-Mobile UK has taken down the tweet. But Blackberry confirmed its plan to develop apps for other mobile platforms, which would launch some time this summer.

BBM currently has 60 million users, who send 10 billion messages per day. These new apps will be the first versions of the service released on non-Blackberry hardware. BlackBerry Messenger is often regarded as one of the company’s signature features, driving consumers to the platform. However, with universal direct messaging alternatives coming from competitors like Facebook and Google, a service-exclusive communication platform simply doesn’t seem as appealing as it once was.

The Blackberry version of BBM will remain the flagship version of the service, though. While all versions of the app will include cross-platform chat, the iOS and Android apps won’t include complete feature parity on day one. iOS and Android users won’t have access to the wider range of BBM features, including group chat, voice, and screen sharing, though these services may be added in later versions.

BBM will support iOS 6 or later and Android 4.0 or later.


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