Black, Conservative, and Looking for Justice for Trayvon?

One of those things in the headline does not belong.

When we got a tip this weekend about a site called Black Conservatives for Trayvon, we were skeptical. The “conservative” part of that title surprised us, and well—the site’s founder, Richard Fair—an Ohio political activist whose Linkedin Profile says he works for Dell, sort of expects that.

“We will be accused of heresy because we don’t kiss the rings of the pundit popes of conservatism. We will be called ‘pseudo-conservatives’ because we vehemently reject the idea that an unarmed adolescent boy was justifiably killed because of social media pictures, skittles, and a hoodie.”

Before you get too excited, Fair assures us that while he’s “pro justice for Trayvon Martin,” he’s also still “pro second amendment, pro national security, pro-life, pro educational choice, pro free enterprise…” That’s actually the first line on the site.

However, if Fair can spark conservative groundswell of support for an issue he seems to care very deeply about—support that would be contrary to how most of his political brethren feel—more power to him. We’re not going to hold our breath, though. Visit the site here.