Björk Makes An iPad App To Complement Album

Icelandic pop artist Björk has a new album out and to compliment the new music, she has created an iPad app called Biophilia. The work is a collaboration with artists, designers, instrument makers and writers. It is a story about nature, music and technology that lets users get lost in space.

The galactic themed app is not unlike a book or an album, as it is divided into 10 chapters, but these tracks have been turned into “in-app” experiences. Users can fly through a three dimensional galaxy to the theme Cosmogony which plays throughout the app and visit different experiences in the galaxy which are based on song titles from the album such as CrystallineMoon and Dark Matter.

While it is mainly composed of music with video game-like interactive experiences and karaoke-style singalongs, the app also includes music notations and essays about the songs.

The New York Times has more: “In ‘Dark Matter’ the user (no longer merely the listener) takes control of a sound-creation tool, tapping pools of light to combine and mix tones of Gregorian complexity. You may start with a chromatic tone, but with a few taps the program says you have created noises called ‘Balinese pentatonic’ and ‘mixolydian augmented.’ My favorite was described as (take a breath) ‘double harmonic/Gypsy/Byzantine/ chahargah.’ (If you don’t know, chahargah is an ancient Persian musical style.).”