Twitter Co-Founder On Mark Zuckerberg: ‘We Just Didn’t Click.’

Twitter Co-Founder On Mark Zuckerberg: 'We Just Didn't Click.'

The Guardian has a fascinating interview with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who is promoting his new book, Things A Little Bird Told Me.

In the piece Stone talks openly about the history of Twitter, the “backstabbing” that took place amongst all the Twitter founders in the early days of the company (as detailed in Hatching Twitter, Nick Bilton’s book), how he feels about Edward Snowden and what’s going on at Jelly, his other startup.

The juicy bits, however, are found in Stone’s recollection of meetings with Mark Zuckerberg, back when the Facebook founder was thinking about buying Twitter.

“I respect the guy, we just didn’t click,” says Stone about Zuckerberg. “My default if I get nervous is to just joke around and he’s so serious. I mean he’s all about business. If we got together, he wouldn’t laugh at any of my jokes and I probably wouldn’t understand what he was talking about – and we would just sort of be uncomfortable for a couple of hours.”

Stone also notes that, in their first meeting at Facebook HQ, Zuckerberg, when asked by Twitter’s Evan Williams if he wanted the office door open or closed, replied “yes”. On two separate occasions. So Evans left it open halfway.

“I never did find out what he prefers in his meetings,” said Stone. “It was so weird, it was so awkward. ‘Shall I leave the door open or closed?’ ‘Yes.’ What is that?”

(Source: The Guardian.)