Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey Talk Twitter on Piers Morgan Tonight

Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey appeared on last night’s Piers Morgan Tonight to talk about Twitter’s massive growth, its creative users, and more. They were joined by Twittering celebs Martha Stewart and Alyssa Milano who spoke about their own love of the service.

As they are wont to do during interviews, Stone and Dorsey spoke about the early days of Twitter, and how far it has come since Dorsey’s now infamous first tweet.

This was Dorsey’s first public appearance after announcing his return to Twitter as Executive Chairman. He and Biz seemed to be on good terms throughout the interview – but Ev Williams, the third co-founder of Twitter, was nowhere to be seen. Shea wrote about why this might be earlier today.

Stone and Dorsey talked about how fast things have started to move on Twitter, with the community really driving it as a force for breaking news and insight. Says Stone in response to Morgan’s question about whether the founders had any idea it would become a source for news:

“Like Jack said, [Twitter] was immediately engaging to us. And that was the really important thing, was that we were in love with this work. And that’s what drove us. Initially, many people, just like you [Morgan] thought that this was primarily a useless tool. It’s kind of a chicken and the egg kind of thing, because as millions of people joined, it became about following your interests and realizing that you could follow your friends, you could follow your family, you could follow what breaking news is happening around the world. And that’s what it is today, that’s how most people are accessing Twitter.”

This is, as you can tell, the sort of boiler-plate response that Stone often gives about Twitter – that it’s good for a lot of things, and users can get creative in how they use it. It’s a shame he didn’t answer Morgan’s question about breaking news directly.

Martha Stewart (who brought Morgan a fluffy yellow cake for his birthday) also spoke about how she used Twitter to interact with fans. Interestingly, she says she really only uses it for about five minutes a day:

“I find that is a sufficient amount of time to get across the messaging I’d like. After awhile you’ll get used to it and you’re going to figure out what it is good for, and it is good for a lot of things.”

This really contrasts with Morgan, who has said several times that since joining only a few months ago, he now gets all of his news via Twitter.

Along with the broadcast, members of the Piers Morgan social media team, which does include Morgan himself, were busy live-tweeting. The @PiersMorgan Twitter account retweeted several positive tweets from members of their audience, and even had a little exchange with the escaped Bronx Zoo cobra.

You can see some of the highlights of last night’s interview with the Twitter co-founders and celebs on the Piers Morgan blog.