BitTorrent, Orb Make Video Easier To Download and View Anywhere

Placeshifting software outfit Orb Networks and BitTorrent have partnered to bundle the BitTorrent client with the Orb PC application. BitTorrent enables content downloads over a broadband connection; Orb enables access to that content from any connected device, so the hookup makes a lot of sense.

The resulting joint solution is supposed to make it faster and easier for users to access downloaded, PC-based and online content from any Internet-connected device. According to the companies, together, their applications create a “seamless media experience” for the “anywhere enjoyment” of all the movies, TV shows and music consumers have on their computers.

With Orb and BitTorrent installed on their PC, users will see the familiar media library view of all the media on that computer, organized by media type. Within the software, they can create playlists and share the content via e-mail, SMS or on a social network.

The bundled application can be downloaded from or

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