Birthing Classes? Yes, There’s an App for That

BabyCenter bringing content to tech-savvy moms-to-be

Some expectant mothers aren't too keen on the idea of commuting to a class to practice breathing exercises with complete strangers. But thanks to BabyCenter's new Birth Class iPad app—launched in conjunction with the Cord Blood Registry—they can learn the techniques outside of the classroom. 

The app is one element of BabyCenter’s mobile strategy, which includes the popular "My Pregnancy Today" app (BabyCenter estimates the app has been downloaded by eight out of 10 iPhone-owning expectant mothers in the U.S.) and looks to target the early-adopting tech-mom crowd. A recent report conducted by BabyCenter shows that moms are 26 percent more likely than the general population to own a tablet, making the digital platform essential to delivering key pregnancy information.

Mike Fogarty, group publisher of BabyCenter, says the app provides a rich multimedia experience that will help expecting mothers and families make important and difficult decisions, like whether or not to keep or donate cord blood after delivery. “This is just one of many emotional and powerful propositions,” Fogarty said. “As an expecting mom, you will need to make decisions. Some of these are complex messages to get out, more so than just what diapers to choose. We believe this app is an efficient way for moms that want to dip in and dip out, read an article and then save it to come back later.”

As digital culture pervades even the most intimate aspects of our lives, apps like BabyCenter’s birthing class extend the luxury of sometimes-expensive birthing classes to parents who might be financially constrained, pressed for time or confined to bed rest. Aside from streamlining the birthing process and freeing up nightstands that would otherwise be piled with baby books, the app provides simple anonymity and privacy during a very personal process. “In many cases, birthing information is not something that is easy to understand in the short form. You want to hear from experts and other moms and now, through this digital environment, parents can do this from the privacy of their own homes,” Fogarty said.

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