Birthdays, Spotify, Friends, Mobile, Horoscopes and More on This Week’s List of Top Gaining Apps by DAU

American Greetings’ Birthday Calendar application topped our list this week of the fastest growing apps by daily active users. Spotify’s app followed, then there was a batch of friend apps, mobile apps, a few horoscopes and then a mixed bag. The apps on our list below grew from between 114,300 and 3.3 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Birthday Calendar3,546,703+3,396,505+2,261%
2. Spotify2,088,679+1,251,168+149%
3. Empires & Allies7,429,981+598,158+9%
4. 60photos1,582,999+569,940+56%
5. Social Statistics535,351+490,636+1,097%
6.21 questions1,087,327+358,984+49%
7. Daily Horoscope6,202,105+333,404+6%
8. Static HTML: iframe tabs1,786,973+286,722+19%
9. Bubble Island1,770,156+228,043+15%
10. Video Yeri286,920+211,644+281%
11. Windows Live Messenger16,699,305+208,937+1%
12. CityVille17,147,793+194,650+1%
13. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,005,894+150,096+2%
14.Between You and Me324,511+149,722+86%
15. Facebook for Every Phone618,127+148,404+32%
16. Bubble Saga1,240,841+148,157+14%
17. 開心農場1,352,487+137,916+11%
18. The Fortune Teller1,024,309+128,734+14%
19. eBuddy2,427,161+123,695+5%
20. HTC Sense6,068,696+114,290+2%

Birthday Calendar grew this week by 3.3 million DAU; the app creates an interface with a user’s photos and birthdays in calendar form, allowing them to add events to it. Spotify grew by 1.2 DAU, almost entirely in the United Kingdom; the app allows Facebook users to use Spotify inside of Facebook.

Then there were, as usual, a variety of friend apps.

60photos grew by 569,900 DAU by allowing users to rate friends’ photos as “nice” or “pass,” posting to the photographer’s Wall when rated “nice.” Social Statistics is an app that publishes a list of your top 10 “fans,” and grew by 490,700 DAU. 21 questions grew by 359,000 DAU; the app asks questions of a user’s friends, publishing a story to their Wall with answers. Between You and Me is an app that grew by 149,700 DAU and is a quiz app for friends, publishing a story to their Walls with an answer.

Mobile apps included Snaptu’s Facebook for Every Phone which grew by 148,400 DAU,   eBuddy, which grew by 123,700 DAU mostly in Mexico, Indonesia and India. The app allows users to use Facebook chat on their mobile phones. HTC Sense, then, grew by 114,300 DAU mostly in the United States.

Finally, Daily Horoscope grew by 333,400 DAU and is a horoscope that grew mostly in the US. The app gives users the option to publish daily to their Wall. The Fortune Teller is another horoscope app with 128,700 DAU. Static HTML: iframe tabs is a Page tab app with 286,700 DAU, Turkish video app Video Yeri grew by 211,600 DAU and Windows Live Messenger grew by about 209,000 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.