Bingo Adventure Provides Real-Time Virtual Social Club Gaming

Bingo Adventure is a new game from well-established social game developer It launched to the public on May 12, appearing on our list of the top 20 emerging Facebook games about two weeks later, though it has since lost some of its growth momentum.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Bingo Adventure currently has 310,041 monthly active users and 15,430 daily active users.

Bingo Adventure is a simulation of various forms of the classic game of chance, Bingo, with a strong real-time social interaction component. Players can visit one of several different worldwide locations, each offering a variation on the basic Bingo game, and play against randomly matched opponents in real time. Locations are split into rooms, and each room has its own chatroom, allowing players to talk, interact and buy each other gifts during play.

Play proceeds by players “buying in” to one or more bingo tickets by spending the game’s soft currency. Purchasing a bingo ticket provides the player with experience points with higher levels unlocking new venues with higher stakes as well as the opportunity to play more than one bingo ticket at the same time in lower-level rooms. Gifts, which take the form of virtual food and drink, also provide small experience point bonuses, though these are negligible compared to the amount gained for purchasing a ticket.

After a short wait to allow all players to buy in if they desire, play begins. Numbers are called and are automatically marked off on the player’s tickets if they come up. The first player to reach Bingo receives the prize pot, made up of other players’ virtual currency. There is also a jackpot on offer for players who achieve Bingo within a certain amount of numbers being drawn. If multiple players reach Bingo at the same time, the pot is split between them.

Unlike the games on’s main website, there are no cash prizes on offer in Bingo Adventure — it is purely a social experience, with players competing for virtual currency. Players receive a daily bonus of coins to play with and can also purchase more with Facebook Credits. This is the only means through which the game is monetized; all other purchases, whether they are bingo tickets or gifts, are completed using the game’s soft currency.

We didn’t hear back from’s representatives prior to publishing this, so it’s difficult to comment on the exact plans for the game’s future, as there are no hints on the game’s Facebook page, either. As the selection of locations on offer is currently relatively limited, one of the first things to be added will likely be additional places for players to continue their Bingo Adventure. A wider variety of virtual items would also likely be a popular choice with players, with perhaps some premium items on offer with more significant experience point boosts for those players who wish to progress through the levels into the high-stakes games quicker.

We know that is focusing on a cross-platform growth strategy for social and mobile and that the developer had a strong 2010 by virtue of offering a wide selection of games for Facebook, both with standalone titles like Bubble Saga and via its portal app. currently has 7 games on Facebook, with Bingo Adventure being one of the newest. We’re not exactly clear on why the game has slowed down in growth of late, though the real-time gameplay and genre may have something to do with it. Even so, it’s still early days for Bingo Adventures and the real-time, synchronous nature of the game could attract a dedicated group of players that make it a virtual social event.

You can follow Bingo Adventure’s progress with AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.