Bing Maps' Foursquare Everywhere App Plots Where You Check-In

Previously, it was reported that Microsoft is teaming up with one of the most popular, if not that most popular location-aware service Foursquare by integrating Bing Maps into Foursquare. Now, that team up has produced this new app called Foursquare Everywhere.

Foursquare Everywhere is a Bing map application that plots all the check-ins of Foursquare members. Yes, you read it right folks, all your Foursquare check-ins are now being plotted to Bing Maps through this app. But don’t worry, the check-in data that are being plotted on Bing Maps won’t display anything about you. The app is interested only with the numerous check-ins that Foursquare members are making from their mobile phone.

Foursquare Everywhere currently lets you see where all the people who are checking- in on a Bing Map. You’ll see tips from users as well as some additional contextual information, if available. Through the app, you will also be able to see massive stream of information flowing onto the map and in the panel to the left. The app also take a tab of TIps, badge awards and mayorships. If you’re a Foursquare member, you’ll understand what I mean.

Another cool feature of this app is the check box near the bottom of the application screen. What this check box does is to auto-center the map section on Bing Maps. Once people start checking-in you’ll be surprise at what this app can really do.

Finally, the Bing Maps’ Foursquare Everwhere has a nifty search feature that lets you enter venues names, places or tags to search for more venues featured on the Bing Maps.