Bing for iPad 1.1 Adds Search Lasso But Still Doesn’t Have Social Search

Microsoft updated the surprisingly good Bing for iPad app this week. The big new feature is a search lasso that lets you initiate a new search based on selecting a search phrase using a lasso gesture that greatly reduces the usual search sequence of steps on an iPad.

Bing for iPad Update: Searching Without a Search Box

One surprising missing element, however, is the social component present in searches when using Bing in a web browser (including Safari mobile on the iPad). This social component lets you login using Facebook Connect to push search results “liked” by your Facebook friends up to the first page of results. The Bing iPad does not provide any way to authenticate with Facebook or even Microsoft’s own Windows Live. That said, Bing for iPad is a very good search tool and has earned a place with the icons on the first window of my iPad.

<a href=';vid=5ac23e96-2489-4466-8433-d56ab7a83cdc&#038;src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Bing for iPad Update: Searching without a search box'>Video: Bing for iPad Update: Searching without a search box</a>

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