Bigga and Deffa: Super Bowl Ads and Super Bowl Surveys

Get your orders in for the “big sandwich,” buy a big TV, and put on your favorite jersey! Ad agencies are blitzing you with commercials for the Super Bowl! Firms and research companies are taking shots downfield with surveys! It’s gonna be a HUGE night.

Those commercials had always been under lock and key. Then some very privy reporters, carefully and very smoothly,  went on every hyperlocal, local, and national show to give you “sneak peeks.”

Nowadays, if you don’t have your commercials up on Facebook or tweeted to the world, you are old news. According the experts, pulling back the curtain online builds momentum. Not only that, it helps companies really connect more with their consumers.

Guess what?! PR has gotten in on the act too! Zoosk, an online dating site, conducted a survey proving women prefer the big game over hitting the sheets. Thanks to PC World you now have tips for being safe and secure in your cyber-Super Bowl universe. Remember I mentioned you’ll buy a TV. I wasn’t kidding. You can thumb through your local paper or go online to find a survey proving anything and everything about the big game on Sunday.

PR firms and research companies are just as busy as ad agencies leading up to Super Bowl weekend. Taking the big game hook and creating a cost-effective way to garner good press and strong impressions. There are so many consumer products involved in the big game. Why not?

Oh, and by the way…I was wrong about the big sandwich. Wings are the most popular choice.