Big Quizzes Go Offline in This Week’s List of Top Growing Apps by Monthly Active Users

Is it enforcement day for Facebook? Several of the top placers on this week’s AppData list of fastest-gaining apps by monthly active users (MAU) redirect to Facebook’s front page, indicating that the network may have at last taken notice of, and action on, shady tactics used by a particular developer.

We’re not sure, but we think the same developer is behind all the apps in question: Friend Quiz, Friend FAQ, Friend Quizzes – Dating! and Friend Poll!. They’re all among the top ten gainers below:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Static FBML36,892,114+9,443,232+25.60
2.icon Friend Quiz20,667,405+8,100,641+39.20
3.icon Friend FAQ13,497,001+5,736,127+42.50
4.icon Slide FunSpace23,432,250+1,705,579+7.28
5.icon Friends Exposed18,280,121+1,153,129+6.31
6.icon Marketplace13,274,027+1,057,287+7.97
7.icon Friend Quizzes – Dating!1,001,005+953,245+95.23
8.icon How Fast Are You?! PROVE IT1,915,222+833,647+43.53
9.icon Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos]1,501,781+746,238+49.69
10.icon Friend Poll!611,274+597,203+97.70
11.icon Bubble Island1,101,968+594,265+53.93
12.icon Tiki Resort1,218,159+575,310+47.23
13.icon FarmVille83,127,751+561,878+0.68
14.icon My City Life3,908,234+537,319+13.75
15.icon PetVille19,619,857+475,914+2.43
16.icon Ninja Saga3,926,247+453,121+11.54
17.icon Video 4 You1,587,038+410,554+25.87
18.icon MindJolt Games19,925,788+398,103+2.00
19.icon Daily Photo6,659,520+393,930+5.92
20.icon Translations379,238+374,515+98.75

On Friday, we explained how these quiz apps were subverting Facebook’s developer policies. After Facebook added mandatory opt-outs for users allowing them to decline giving their email address or permission to post to their wall, these apps added in boxes of their own that forced the user to hand over permissions, or else go away.

The takedown will be a big blow to the developer, who is listed on two of the apps as FriendQuizzes, Inc. Friend Quiz and Friend FAQ don’t list a developer name, but all four are identical in form and function. In total, this group of apps had over 35 million MAU, about as many users as Facebook’s third-largest app overall.

One developer’s (self-inflicted) bad luck could be another’s jackpot strike. Topzy, which makes Friends Exposed, should be dancing for joy; its quiz app is very similar to those banned, but it has survived unscathed and free to pick up all the quiz-bereft users. As you can see from its placement at number five above, Friends Exposed was already growing strongly.

Rounding out the top growers this week: Static FBML isn’t worth more than a passing mention, as it’s just a Facebook-built app for customizing Pages that’s indirectly picking up users. Slide FunSpace is coming off a growth binge spurred by Slide figuring how to take advantage of Facebook’s new policies — although, obviously, with more respect for the actual rules than the unfortunate quiz developer. Marketplace has a similar story, except its surge came from a sweepstakes.