Big News At Facebook Today?

There is a lot of buzz going around about something happening at Facebook today. It started with a Valleywag post and then yesterday Caroline McCarthy posted about further evidence of impending news. Apparently there is a big meeting taking place today as Facebook employees from around the country are flying into town. Another employee that was supposed to attend a Facebook developer’s garage tomorrow had to cancel due to an important meeting.

Recently, I’ve been publishing gossip and while I hate to continue the trend, I couldn’t resist this one. I did a little poking around myself and was not able to get a response from anybody at Facebook … go figure! Facebook has been slow to make any upgrades to the site since the launch of their platform but the blogosphere has been buzzing about upcoming changes including the release of grouping features, the launch of a developer ad network and an advanced analytics program.

As of now, there are only clues that something may be announced this week but nobody has any idea what it is. I’m sure hoping that something is announced soon!